Friendly Connections – Social Senior Care Center of Ridgewood is the premier provider of Social Senior Care and Short-term Respite Care Services. Our Care Centers are a preferred alternative to nursing homes, assisted living facilities or institutional care.  We're providing engaging therapeutic activities and opportunities for socialization to help our clients improve daily functioning or delaying the onset of chronic diseases.


Our center offer a daytime program full of recreational activities, social services, meals and care in a safe, caring and attentive environment. Our members never experience the isolation of being socially removed as they might in alternative care settings. It is our primary focus to ensure that your loved one achieves an overall improvement in their quality of life through the effective management of chronic conditions, cognitive and physical stimulation in a cost-effective environment.


Our centers consist of highly qualified directors, and therapeutic recreation professionals.  We’re fully staffed at all times with caring and attentive personal care assistants and  activities staffs who provide a comprehensive approach to care for clients with the goal of achieving a healthier and more active quality of life.  Our staff at Friendly Connections is committed to meeting the special needs of the elderly and disabled population in partnership with the member’s physicians, friends, family and caregivers.


For more information on our elderly day care center or to find out if Friendly Connections – Social Senior Care Center of Ridgewood is the answer for you, please get in touch with our friendly staff today at 718-305-4888, or take a moment to fill out the contact form and someone will be with you shortly.







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***  We are excited to announce that Friendly Connections, Inc. is in the process of finalizing partnership with a well established Licensed Home Care Services Agency (LHCSA) member.  Once this partnership completed, we will expand our offering to cover home care services for communities across the triborough.


*** Soon to be a one-stop solution - We are proud to announce a near future a training facility for Home Care Aid Certification. This program will provides a valuable opportunity for residents of the community to receive the training they need to enter a gratifying career as a Home Care Aide.  Please come back to our site for regular progress updates.



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