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Friendly Connections – Social Senior Care of Ridgewood offers many distinct advantages and the most cost-effective option for long-term care. Our programs are designed to meet the needs of elderly and disabled adults and their caregivers by providing cost-effective alternatives to nursing home or institutional care while promote the client’s ability to remain independent.  Our core services focus on Social Senior Day Care and Short-term Respite Care Services.  Our programs are included, but not limited Enhancing Daily Life, Promote Socialization, Supervision & Monitoring, Personal Care, Nutrition, and Optional Services.




  1. We planned, structures activities that utilize participant's skills, interests and needs to minimize impairments in capacity
  2. We will review Monthly Activities calendars for social, intellectual, cultural, educational, physical group activities, large group and individual activities
  3. We will encourage participant interaction, and seeks to establish, maintain or improve a sense of usefulness, stimulate a desire to use one's physical and mental abilities to the fullest, and promote a sense of self-respect.


Supervision and Monitoring:


  1. We are observing and awareness of the participant's whereabouts, activities and needs during attendance at the program.  We protect the safety and welfare of the participants.  We provide ongoing encouragement and assistance.  
  2. Our staff is observant and aware of the participants' whereabouts, activities and current needs during attendance of the program.
  3. Our staffs protect the safety and welfare of participants and provide ongoing encouragement and assistance as necessary.


Personal care:


  1. We provide some or total assistance for the participant with basic toileting, mobility, transfer and eating provided.
  2. We provide some or total assistance for the participant with dressing, bathing, grooming, the self-administration of medication, routine skin care, changing simple dressing, or use of supplies and adaptive or assistive equipment is provided.




  1. Nutritious meals are provided at normal meal times, as well as snacks and liquids at appropriate times during the day are part of your program.
  2. Our meals comply with standards for a nutrition program for the elderly and as established by SOFA unless meals are brought and prepared by the participants and/or staff as part of the planned activity of the program.

Optional Services:  


  1. Consistent with the needs of the participants and the program provides the following:
  2. Maintenance and enhancement of daily livings skills.  We also will include instrumental activities of daily living, self-care skills, the use of supplies and adaptive and assistive equipment with other appropriate skills.
  3. Transportation between the home and the program.


Caregiver assistance:


  1. Facilitates caregiver support and understanding of the participant and his or her condition, the service plan, and how to maximize participant skills at home.
  2. Identifies sources of assistance and facilitates access for the informal caregiver including support groups, respite and other related assistance.


Case Coordination and Assistance


  1. We will establish and maintain effective linkages, coordinates services, and makes and accepts referrals to and from other service providers.
  2. We will also advices and assists participants and their caregivers in relation to benefits, entitlements, and other information and assistance as necessary.